The Persian Gulf War was a conflict between Iraq and Kuwait.The United States,The United Kingdom,Saudi Arabia,France,Egypt,Syria ,and other coalition forcess joined Kuwait.The Persian Gulf War began on August2,1990 after Iraq ivaded Kuwait.

Operation Instant Thunder Edit

In Operation Instant Thunder,The United States planned an air strike.The air strike consisted of 100,000 sorties and 88,500 pounds of bombs were dropped.

Phase 1 Edit

Phase 1 established air space control above Iraq and Kuwait by eliminating enemy radar,cutting off runways,and neutralizing any surface-to-air missle batteries.

Phase 2 Edit

Phase 2 would attempt to incapacitate the Iraqi military and infrastructure by bombing weapon depots,refineries,and other locations very important to military sucess.

Phase 3 Edit

Phase 3 would have seen Americans engage in direct combat with the Iraqis.

Battle of Khafji Edit

The Battle of Khafji was the first major ground engagement of the Persian Gulf War.It occured in Kfafji,Saudi Arabia from January29-February1,1991.

The End Edit

20,000-35,000 Iraqi casualities.379 dead 776 wounded on the coalition side.