The Second Continental Congress was a delagates convetion.Delagates of twelve of the Thirteen Colonies met in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania on May10,1775.

Historical Events:

  • June14,1775:Congress established a Continental Army and appointed George Washington as commanding general of the Continental Army.
  • July6,1775:Congress approved a Declaration of Causes of why the Thirteen Colonies had went to war with Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War.
  • July8,1775:Congress extended the Olive Branch Petition to the British Crown.
  • May10,1776:Congress passed a resolution recommending that any colony lacking a proper government,should form such.
  • May15,1775:Congress adopted a more radical preamble to the resolution drafted by John Adams.
  • July2,1776:Congress voted to declare independence from Great Britain.
  • July4,1776:Congress approved the Declaration of Independence.
  • November15,1777:Congress approved the last draft of the Articles of Confederation for ratification by the States.
  • December16,1777:The State Legislature of Virginia was the first to ratify the Articles of Confederation.
  • February2,1781:The State Legislature of Maryland was the last to ratify the Articles of Confederation.
  • March1,1781:Delagates of Maryland signed the Articles of Confederation.